OBS & Hands Up Don’t Shoot Issue Demands


The Organization for Black Struggle, in conjunction with the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Coalition, has issued the following demands:

Immediate Demands


1. Swift and impartial investigation by the Department of Justice into the Michael Brown shooting

2. Immediate arrest of Officer Darren Wilson

3. County Prosecutor Robert McCullough to stand down and allow a Special Prosecutor to be appointed

4. Firing of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson

5. Immediate de-escalation of militarized policing of peaceful protestors

6. Ensure the protection of the rights of people to assemble and peacefully protest

7. Hold law enforcement officers accountable for excessive use of force on peaceful protests

8. Immediate release of individuals who have participated in their right to assemble and peacefully protest



1. Obama to come to Ferguson to meet with the people whose human rights have been violated by aggressive and militarized policing, including the family of the victim–Michael Brown

2. Eric Holder to use the full resources and power of the Department of Justice to implement a nationwide investigation of systemic police brutality and harassment in black and brown communities

3. Ensure transparency, accountability, and safety of our communities by requiring front facing cameras in police departments with records of racial disparities in stops, arrests, killings, and excessive force complaints

4. Immediate suspension without pay of law enforcement officers that have used or approved excessive use of force. Additionally, their personal information and policing history should be made available to the public




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50 Responses to OBS & Hands Up Don’t Shoot Issue Demands

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  2. Amanda Gentry

    I’d add under the National heading that all police related death be reviewed by outside investigators to crack down on the seemingly rampant cover ups and lack of accountability for wrongdoing. I’m not against the Police and I feel that the majority of the Police force are good people with good hearts and minds. It seems that there needs to be more accountability with increased militarization, etc. Police are supposed to be keepers of the Peace not escalators of tensions.

  3. Glenn

    I stand in solidarity with you.

    • Jay Simms

      I am a Canadian. I don’t understand why there is so much turmoil in the U.S. against black people. Surely, the conduct of police is against the law – in contravention of civil rights, etc. Blacks in Canada live and are accepted as equals. Why is it not the same in the U.S? Disgusting.

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  5. Imaan Selim

    All very reasonable and we’ll overdue.

    • Vicky Ball

      god bless you for what you’re doing this is long overdue and I just pray it doesn’t stop, this movement.after Trayvon Martin it just goes out of sight out of mind, is believed can not treat people like this they are trigger happy and 95 percent of the time young black men. I’m sick of this they get away with it every time with a slap on the, keep up the fight in memory of Martin Luther King and what he did for us god bless you all

  6. Christine McNichol

    I would add video footage be uploaded to a server to prevent tampering

  7. MaxSpeak

    Very good. Suggest you add to local demands, allow press total freedom of movement and filming.

  8. Joseph Pena

    Everyone in Furguson and those who support the Furuson uprising should be outraged over the militarization of the police force. Police do no need to be military. That is the job of the National Guard. American citizens are not invading foreigners. Neither are peaceful protesters. A few roudies in a crowd do not make a riot. Community outrage over police murder of a young unarmed man, and not arresting that officer is criminal and an outragious affront to the community. Every white person in Ferguson should be on the street hand in hand shoulder to shoulder with your black neighbors. I as a white man am deply ashamed that this is not so. As Frank Zappa once said, ” I’m not black, but there are a whole lot of times I wish I could say I am not white. “

  9. jane

    Our constitutional rights should be upheld, and more safeguards implemented to provide safety and justice for all people. I commend the authors and supporters of this effort. ♥

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  11. Martha Dominguez

    After we have the law of the land honor the life of Michael Brown with the arrest and proper lawful trail that allows all witness and information from the community so we send a clear message that police has to arrest people rather than choose to kill them they must be told clearly we will not stand for this.

    The other let us not keep quiet after this horrible event I have send emails to President, Obama to call for National Forum where representatives of police administrators from all the nation are require to attend. Discussion would be to present the names of all the black children and Black citizens that have been killed by police. They are asked to read the law of how an arrest is carried out by law as they seem to have forgot. (2) At this forum the process for the future would be for police in the nation are not allowed to act
    with racist intention but to treat cases of arrest following the law. An oversight by the department of Justice would be agreed upon to set up committees of citizens who would act as a review board locally to set rules of engagement with a no tolerance for killing people. Police would also receive no more weapons of mass destruction to use against communities who are acting to support democracy when there is something done wrong by local officials. As in Ferguson it is really a racist with not question that they have handle the death of this young men not as they would have treater their son’s death the law must be equal and just for all. We don’t want ever again to have parents loose their brother, sister or child just because of the color of their skin. This racist nation must finally be made to stop living in two separates cities white and the rest of us who are people of color.

  12. Miriam Pickens

    Finally!! An organized resistance. I’m glad this response is pro active in self defense of communities. Independent community organization can address ALL concerns– violence, housing, education, jobs, etc.

  13. Nancy Hansen

    To Jay from Canada, You are absolutely correct and we should all be ashamed of ourselves here in the U.S. for failure to get our country out of this stage of adolescence we’ve been in for far over the ordinary time it should take to grow up! My kids have always loved going to Canada because they are always accepted as respectable persons in your country.
    Maybe we’ll see you at the Peace Arch at Blaine on Sept. 20, to rally for climate change!

  14. Alyx Jolivet

    I stand in solidarity. This movement is desperate for organization if anything is to be done.

    Otherwise, the nation will sweep this event under the rug, as it did Trayvon Martin and every other innocent human being’s death at the hands of the fearful.

  15. Barbara Smith

    @Jay Simms. The reason Canada treats black people as equal citizens is that chattel slavery was never a feature of your country. In stark contrast, slavery was written into the U.S. constitution at the very beginning of the Republic.

  16. Mama

    Highly reasonable requests.

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  18. Marie-Isabelle pautz

    Thank you!
    I hope that we can use what is happening as a rallying cry for shifting U.S. Institutions from focusing on policing and ever growing prison-industrial complex to institutions that prevent crime (such as nurse home visiting programs, income equality, drug courts, family group decision making) as well as funding for community based programs such as restorative justice. Let’s push for a crime prevention office in every city that is funded with equal support as policing and incarceration.

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  37. Ellis

    We may have the best intentions and bring reforms but the corrupt police rule is a harsh reality threat to life. Too much power breeds corruption

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  48. James Cole -- Caucasian-American

    Let’s Be Truthful —

    The ONLY WAY police will ever be held accountable for their actions is to: (1) MANDATE BODY CAMERAS for all patrol officers, and (2) remove the far-too-many protections police have inscribed in law and policy that inhibits their firing and prosecution.

    Further, about Michael Brown: the video released by police appears to show Brown robbing a store right before he was shot. And the evidence leaked says there was a fight in the patrol car. These two things indicate that Brown was probably a criminal thug. But even if true, a cop cannot shoot someone for that! And if Brown was 10-feet or more from the cop when shot, how can that be explained? It can’t! But the problem is always the forensic evidence, because it’s not as “clear” as video evidence, and that will be the crux of this grand jury’s decision.

    In order to end the quasi police-state we now live in, police must be held accountable. Until then, there will be many more “Michael Browns,” of many colors! I wish the Ferguson Protesters success!

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