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 Support an OBS Organizer for Organizing in Ferguson, MO

We have been encouraged to set up this special account by those who want to help OBS. We do not have any paid staff so your financial support to put an OBS organizer on the ground in Ferguson, MO is critical. We can put our 35 years of organizing on the ground to organize serious people to fight for justice–and beyond the righteous indignation of the cop killing of black, teen Michael Brown–to make real changes for police accountability. We need and appreciate your support at this dire time!

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man









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All donations are accepted.  In-kind donations are welcomed. Financial contributions to the Youth Council for Positive Development are tax-exempt.

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The Organization for Black Struggle
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Order the Call to Action

The suggested donation for the Call to Action booklet is $5.00. To order it, hit the “Donate” button above, enter ARC booklet in description box, then add $1.00 postage for each booklet ordered. You’ll get it in the mail.