What are the Best Home Decor Gift Ideas?

Giving the perfect gift is one of the best feelings in the world. Making it as a surprise is even better. The problem is that if you want your gift to be a surprise, then you’ll need to make sure that you will get the best gift for your love one or your friend. If you know that the person you are preparing a gift for is into Home Decor, then you are in luck, because today we’ll cover the best gifts you can give to someone that is interested in Home Decor, Designing & Architecture.

Analyze their Home

Make sure you enter their home and analyze if something needs changing, get your self invited for a coffee and ask to go to the bathroom, while walking, check each room and each hallway and notice something that is either not wanted or something that doesn’t look good in the place. There are two ways you can notice something that isn’t in it’s place. If the object doesn’t match the color of the field than note it and plan to shop for it. Check for dust, if there is too much dust on an object or the object is not clean, like for example you notice that a rug is not as clean as the rest of the rugs, then you know that the rug is not preferred by the house owner. After you’ve analyzed the place, thank them for the coffee, write down what you want to purchase and get shopping.

What to Purchase

Once you have your list ready, make sure the items that you will purchase, match the rest of the items in the same area, if the hallway is for example, red, than make sure to find a rug that is red or that looks great on red. For example a white rug on a red background, or vice versa is a perfect fit. A red vase also looks good on a red wall, even if the background is red.

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